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When athletes are "in the zone", they perform at a high level. It's a zen-like state where they don't think, they just do. Shot fall, no matter how difficult or improbable. Big hits come, regardless of the quality of the pitch. Goals are scored from impossible angles. Passes settle into a hand as if they are metal to magnets.

Wagdogs' Zones channel that same energy. We want to give you the tools, the advice, the information, and the knowledget to get into your zone.

The Administrator Zone

The The Administrator's Zone is the heart and soul of Wagdogs, just as it is in your sports organization. Here is where you come to get help managing your youth sports organization. World-class league management and administration tools and utilities help you automate everything from registration to post-season. Here you can assign volunteers, create rosters, manage leagues, schedule facilities, create game schedules, send e-mails...just about anything you can think of. From your virtual command center, you'll be able to:

  • Manage every aspect of your organization
  • Assign volunteers and set their access to league data
  • Communicate in real-time with players, parents, coaches, officials, and media with easy-to-use tools
  • Customize your home page with the tools and information you need to make the right decisions
Get into the Administrator Zone


The Player Zone

In the The Player's Zone, you'll find everything you need to become the best player you can be. If you're a multi-sport athlete, you can easily navigate around the site to find information about a particular sport. If you're a specialist, you can set up your personal page so that you can focus on your passion. It's your place to make your own. From this page, you'll be able to:

  • Access the latest information on training, skill development, dealing with difficult situations - anything you need to maximize your involvement and potential
  • Customize the page to highlight the information that's important to you, whether it's focusing on a particular sport or position, reading the latest news about your favorite teams or players, or setting up a chat with your teammates and friends.
  • Get the information you need and stay in touch with your coach, your teammates, and your league.
  • Participate in contests and events where you can win cool stuff
  • Play great games online, get access to fun stuff, chat, communicate, show your stuff!
Get into the Player Zone


The Parent Zone

In the The Parent Zone, we try to make your life easier by giving you tools and information you need to bring a little order to your often chaotic week. Instead of searching through e-mails to find the note on the rescheduled game, or sifting through a bunch of papers stuck to your refrigerator or bulletin board so you know which kid needs to go where,Wagdogs lets you get organized in one place. Everything you need is available with just a few clicks of the mouse. And that game that just got canceled a half-hour ago because the field is too wet? We'll be able to send that information right to your cell phone while you're driving from one game to the next!

As a Wagdogs' member, you have access to features and information all in on place:

  • Stay up to date on the latest game schedules and changes for all of your kids, all consolidated in one convenient place.
  • Customize your personal home page to highlight the information that's important to you including having all of your kids schedules and information in one place!
  • Get the information you need and stay in touch with your child's coach, teammates, and league.
  • Help your league earn money just by using the site. The more you use the site, the more you earn for your organization.
  • Get advice on how to deal with coaches, how to help your child get the most out of youth sports, how to get involved, and much more.
  • Interact with other parents, share stories and ideas, get access to fun stuff, chat, communicate
Get into the Parent Zone


The Coach Zone

The Coach Zone is like having a full staff of assistant coaches to help you and your team reach your potential. Everything from plays, drills, advice, and tips from some of the leading youth sports voices, plus tools and utilities to help you get organized and stay organized. As a member of the Wagdogs community, you have access to the support you need so you can minimize your time for the administrative work and maximize your time to become a better coach and help your team succeed.

By becoming a Wagdogs member, you join a community of people who share your enthusiasm and ideas for making youth sports a great experience:

  • Use the Wagdogs tools and utilities to keep everyone on your team up-to-date on the latest information
  • Customize your personal home page so that you have everything you need to manage your team in one convenient location
  • Share information, strategies, tips, advice, drills, plays, philosophies, and a whole lot of other great information with other coaches and experts
  • Get coaching tools that help you plan practices, develop game strategies, scout the opposition, and more
Get into the Coach Zone


The Offical Zone

You know, it gets tougher everyday to be a game official. The Officials Zone is the place to go to help you develop and extend your knowledge, skill, and game strategies. The better your officiating and game management, the more enjoyable the game is for everyone (especially you!).

As a Wagdogs member, you'll be part of a community of people who are just as passionate as you are about making the right calls. You'll get help and advice on everythin from what to wear to where to stand on the playing surface:

  • Manage your game assignments online so you never miss a tipoff, face-off, first pitch, or kickoff
  • If your league or assignor is a Wagdogs members, you can get your assignments automatically updated to your MyWagdogs page...even to your cell phone or PDA!
  • Research rules, interpretations, situations, and examples to help you prepare for game situations
  • Use the message boards and chat rooms to get opinions, advice, interpretations, and other useful information from experts and officials just like you
Get into the Official Zone