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Volleyball Varsity Maroon — Fall 2008

Season schedule

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Published: Fri September 19 2008 @ 02:10 PM

To all:

The much-awaited 2008 season schedule for Region 17 volleyball has been sent to all players via email. I will post them on our wagdogs schedule when I get the chance.

The rest of this blog is a repeat of the info sent w/the schedule, so you can skip it if you read that email carefully and responded as requested.

Re: working teams.

We got off pretty easy this year -- only have towork when we are home! Please email your preferences for the following working dates to me: 9/12: worked by Jen, Colleen, Emily, Catie, Christine 9/21 - work at SSJ for 1:30 pm game 10/10 - work at SSJ for 6:30pm game


I need the following items from anyone/everyone ASAP:

  • a copy of the school calendar that would list any school holidays as well as any testing dates or academic events (Junior Honor Society induction, etc.)

  • a list of the special events for each of the grades (8th & 7th) happening before the end of the season. Remember, if we are successful and qualify for the Archdiocesan Playoffs, the VB season will go until Sunday, November 9th.

PARENTS: If you are on any committee working on any of these special events, please do what you can to avoid scheduling a conflict with any of our game days (and game days for varsity gold)

Re: 1st Fall Dance

At the parents' meeting, we discussed the issue of Fall dances. It appears that the first dance is scheduled at SSJ for Friday, October 24, the night before the Region 17 Varsity A Tournament.

I am expecting the girls to take a pass on this dance. The winner of the tournament is the team who will get the bid for the Archdiocesan Tournament. All of our efforts this season will be geared towards being successful at the tournament. Of course, good rest will be a necessary component of success. Although the dance is over at 10:30pm, it is unreasonable to expect the girls to get home, wind down and get to sleep before midnight, definitely not enough time to get in the 9-11 hours of sleep is recommended for this age group. Even a shorter time at the dance will fire them up and likely make them resentful that they have to leave.

I realize that this is a significant demand on the girls. Hopefully, you can help them with this life lesson: if you want to be the best, it takes sacrifice. Think of all the dances and events any successful Olympic athlete has made along the way.... Not to mention the American Idol competitor, David A., who missed his senior prom to make it into the final round (but he lost!)

Maybe the parents could plan a nice team pasta party, making a championship shirt/ribbons or something together and home by 9 will help ease the sting...

Volunteer positions:

tomorrow at the tournament, I will be talking to everyone about filling one of the following team volunteer positions:

community service projects: 2-3 parents to work with the parent volunteers of the other two teams to collect $$, shop for and supervise the two community service projects. We already have two opportunities in mind... we just need help making it happen.

end-of-year party: 2 parents - party tentatively scheduled for Nov.2 Coordinate food donations, set up, clean up, etc.

team communications - 1 -2 parents - help needed to contact team members if/when there is a last minute item to deal with

uniforms - 1 parent - help collecting the uniforms & returning deposit checks at the end of the year

--- end of brain dump for today ---

See everyone tomorrow! Bring your best game with you!!


Coaches Joyce