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Volleyball Varsity Maroon | SS. Simon and Jude CYO, West Chester, Fall 2008 Season | SS. Simon and Jude CYO, West Chester

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Change of Schedule & League Standings

Fri October 03 2008 @ 04:18 PM

To all:

I have just received a revision to our game schedule and current league standings for the volleyball program.

The game change:

Good news: On October 12, we will be playing St. MAx at home! Ask your friends & families to come, make banners, and be (gracious) cheerleaders for us!

The league standings:

We are currently in 4th place based on matches played, matches won and games won. We have to pick up the pace against the easier teams and win the match in three games. The games that we dropped to ABVM and PJP have cost us in the standings.

St. Max - 10.9 points Match results: 5 wins / 0 losses Game results: 15 wins / 1 loss

St. Joe's - 8.9 points Match results: 4 wins / 0 losses Game results: 12 wins / 2 losses (thanks to us!)

St. Elizabeth's Blue - 8.6 points Match results: 3 wins / 2 losses Game results: 11 wins / 8 losses

SSJ Maroon - 7.7 points Match results: 3 wins / 1 loss Game results: 11 wins / 5 losses

St. Joe's plays St. Max this Sunday while we are playing St. Pat's Kennett. We need to win in three and get ourselves ready to beat St. Max next Sunday.

Fire UP!

Go, Expos!!

Coaches Joyce

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