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Parish Bazaar Contribution

Sun November 09 2008 @ 08:54 PM

Parents / Players, We as a Basketball Program (5th-8th grade) are have TWO responsibilities at the upcoming MDP Parish Bazaar (November 15th). The FIRST responsibility is to raise ~$100.00 (as a program) in order to purchase donuts and tomato pies for the function. I have directed each of the boys in our program to perform some sort of "community service" such as yard work / car wash / dog walk for a nieghbor in order to raise between $3.00 - $5.00 per student / athlete. I would also like them to write up a little description of what service they performed to be submitted to Monsignor. I will need to collect the contributions on Wednesday the boys have to GET BUSY!!! The SECOND responsibility is to assist in the Bazaar breakdown at 3:00pm on Saturday. The VARSITY attendance is MANDATORY as we will begin practice immediately after the clean-up. The JV players will earn "free miles" for use in some of the teams conditioning drills. Please contact me in the event of any questions or concerns (

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