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bbV1 — Winter 2008 - 2009

Friday Evenings Game

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Published: Sat January 17 2009 @ 10:04 AM

Parents / Players,

I would like to apologize for my personal unappropriate behavior on the sidelines of our game versus Conshohocken Catholic. There is no way to properly justify behaving in the manner as I did, the in-game circumstances should not trump the fact that I (as the head coach) need to set an example for the boys. I will speak to the team this afternoon regarding our on/off court behavior in all future MDP games.

While the season is winding down there is still many oportunities for these boys to not only grow as basketball players but also as individuals. I take the "life lessons" that athletics teach as seriously as I do there ability/growth as an athlete. I will not lose this focus as we move toward the completion of our season.

I thank you for your continued support of our team. GO PANTHERS!


Coach Wheeler if I can only get my wife to forgive me for my sideline antics