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2009 Region 21 Playoff Format / Scheduling

Mon January 26 2009 @ 12:52 PM

Parents / Players / Coaches,

I was just notified that the Region 21 Playoffs will BEGIN on Monday, February 2nd and will conclude February 8th. ALL TEAMS will make the playoffs, the teams will be seeded 1 thru 10 and the higher seed will HOST any game.

How does this impact us? We will have our final Region 21 game on Sunday versus Epiphany at the MDP gym....if we win we will have 6 regional wins (as we currently have 5). I believe that we will finish in the middle of the division - a 6th win would help us to secure a home playoff game.

Unfortunately, I will be traveling for business that week (leaving Tuesday(2/3) and returning Friday(2/6)) and only in town for a MONDAY NIGHT(February 3rd) game. I have asked the regional directors to schedule us to play Monday night so that I could attend at least our initial playoff game (not sure if this will happen). We will also NOT be notified of our 1st round opponent until after ALL games are concluded on Sunday.

I am thinking about holding a practice at the MDP gymnasium on Sunday AFTER our game with Epiphany to prepare for Monday's opponent (based on game results). I will speak to the boys about this scenario at Tuesday nights practice.

Our season will not end with the playoffs - as MDP will be hosting a Presidents Day Basketball Tournament (2/14-2/16). I will provide more information about the remainder of the season as I recieve it.


Coach Wheeler

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