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JV Volleyball — Fall 2008

1st Practice

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Published: Mon August 25 2008 @ 08:28 PM

Parents/Players - It was great to see everyone out there tonight! There was a lot of energy, great effort, and everyone was working hard, even Coach Fortescue......A couple of quick issues I forgot to address. Please encourage your daughter to go outside and hit the volleyball (if you have one - if not, there are very inexpensive volleyballs to be found at Dick's or Sports Authority), even if by herself. Try to keep bumping it in air as many times as possible with arms straight, knees bent, and keep working on foot movement. Additionally, bug a brother or sister (or parent) to play "toss and bump"....they'll tell you how. Secondly - If you don't have knee pads, please consider borrowing or buying some. While not absolutely necessary, they do save the skin and cut down on emergency room visits......Super first night! See you Thursday. AO