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Novice Boys Soccer - Gold | St. Bede the Venerable CYO, Holland PA., Fall 2009 Season | St. Bede the Venerable CYO, Holland PA.

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Sun September 13 2009 @ 08:39 PM


It's difficult for me to say we had a good game today, but a shutout win is a good way to start any season. I was particularly happy for the kids that had an opportunity to score, but in all my years of playing, refereeing and coaching I'd be hard pressed to recall a more difficult situation than Mike and I were in today as coaches. We talked to the kids a lot during the game about what to do in situations like that, and I was very impressed with both their sportsmanship and how they handled themselves on the field, you should all be proud!

For those of you who I didn't speak with after the game, beginning tomorrow night we'll have a regularly scheduled practice on Monday at 6:30. Any questions please let me know.



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