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JV Girls Soccer - White | St. Bede the Venerable CYO, Holland PA., Fall 2009 Season | St. Bede the Venerable CYO, Holland PA.

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Tonight and Directions

Thu September 17 2009 @ 08:40 AM

Our game tonight is at 7:15 please be there by 6:45 if you do not have a uniform we will have them then- still the old ones. Also the girls are to wear black socks with their uniforms.

We need someone to cover the game before at the shack- the 6:00pm time. Can someone please let me know if they can do this? Thanks.

Also I pasted below directions to Edgely Park- please note it is rather far so make sure you allow the time to get there by 9:10. Thanks.

Directions to Edgely Park

Start at 1071 HOLLAND RD, HOLLAND going toward ROTTERDAM RD W

  1. Turn on NEWTOWN RICHBORO RD(PA-332)

  2. Continue to follow PA-332

  3. Turn on NEWTOWN BYP(PA-332 E)

  4. Turn on STONEY HILL RD

  5. Turn on STONY HILL RD

  6. Turn on WOOLSTON DR

  7. Continue on NEW TYBURN RD

  8. Take ramp onto US-13 S


  10. Bear on MAIN ST

  11. Continue on OLD BRISTOL PIKE

  12. Continue on N RADCLIFFE ST

  13. Turn on COATES ST .

  14. Turn on WOOD AVE

Arrive at 2506 WOOD AVE, EDGELY, on the

Time: 31 mins, Distance: 17.68 mi

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