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Varsity Region VB 2 | St. Joseph - St. Robert CYO, Warrington, Fall 2009 Season | St. Joseph - St. Robert CYO, Warrington

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Welcome to the Team

Fri August 28 2009 @ 10:44 AM

Hi All:

Welcome to CYO VB. My name is John Marron, and I will be coaching our Varisty Region Girls VB team. I am very excited for the season, we have a great group. I will be using Wagdogs Team Page, and email as my primary communications method. Please respond to me that you got this email, or I will call you later tonight.

We will practcie next week, so also send along known and recurring "bad nights", understanding your daughter is on a Region team, so we do expect certain level of committment.

I can be reached via cell at 215-850-0352.

Looking forward to it.


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