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Varsity Region VB 2 | St. Joseph - St. Robert CYO, Warrington, Fall 2009 Season | St. Joseph - St. Robert CYO, Warrington

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Region 11 Website/Season Schedule

Sat September 12 2009 @ 03:30 PM


For those new, you can track our league and CYO via the Region 11 Web site, Click the Volleyball tab, and all season schedules are there. We play in the Varsity White - North as SJR 2.

There are also links to the League rules and to GYM locations.

We have an 8 game schedule, + we are likely playing in the Arch bishop Wood Tournament, an all day affair, October 11. We have 4 home games, and four away. The away games are all within 15 minutes.

Our schedule is a good news/bad news scenario. The bad news is that we only face 3 other parishes, 4 games against 2 St Alphonsus teams, 3 against 2 different St Catherines teams, and one against OLGC. As you know from other sports, our region is much bigger than that, and I think part of the CYO experience is playing the different parishes, and seeing and to a degree growing up with the other kids and their parents. The Region made a different decision on the league make up this year, so we will deal with it - As always I will look for gym time and other teams to play.

The good news is we avoid the heavy travel that comes with the far away parishes, and the 3 locations (SJR, St Alphonsus, Keith Valley) are all quality locations.

We will do our best, I have enjoyed every minute so far, and am excited to start tomorrow. See you all then.


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