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Varsity Region VB 2 | St. Joseph - St. Robert CYO, Warrington, Fall 2009 Season | St. Joseph - St. Robert CYO, Warrington

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Practice Wed 5-6/Clinic at South

Sun September 06 2009 @ 06:10 PM

Good aftertoon all:

Happy Labor Day Weekend, I hope it is going well for you all, which it is not, of course, if you have been watching the Phillies. Anyway...

This week is a tough one. Holiday on Monday and lots of back to school items. With 4 kids in 4 different schools, it is a bit busy. We also lost the gym Mon and Thurs,so we are going early again - Wed at St Rob's 5-6, do your best, it is my only open time this week.

Regarding the Clinic at CB South, let see what kind of interest we can get for Sunday the 13th. I will register Katie. I checked with the coach about a discounts lots of reasons why it was a no, so lets do what we can, $25 for 2 hours is not so bad. Let me me know if you need the flyer re-sent.

The league has set up the divisions for this year, and they did it a little different. We are in an "A" league, not sure how the schedule sets up, stay tuned.

Wagdogs is having email issues, I do not alway get your repsonse. If you reply double check the to: line is my email, - anything else is somebody else!

Enjoy your day - see many of you on Wed at 5.


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