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Cross Country | St. Stanislaus CYO, Lansdale, Fall 2008 Season | St. Stanislaus CYO, Lansdale

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Practice tonight

Tue August 19 2008 @ 03:12 PM

Hi Everyone! This is a reminder that there will be practice tonight at 6pm at Lansdale Catholic. Please bring water to drink!

See you tonight.

Mike Shive

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Cross Country practice

Sun August 10 2008 @ 08:17 PM

Hi Everyone! Hopefully everyone is having a great summer and there's still a little left (sorry parents). Practice will begin Tuesday August 19th at 6pm at Lansdale Catholic's track. We will continue with practices every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the season. Please bring a water bottle (or two), wear good RUNNING shoes, and bring your desire to run and have fun! FYI - Running shoes - please make sure your child has real running shoes. A list of stores to find these are: Kohl's - not a great selection and lower quality but the cheapest Sports' Authority/Modell's - Bigger selection, make sure you look in the RUNNING section (not trail running) Born to Run (Springhouse) and North Wales Running Store (N.W.) - Specialty stores that will give you the right attention, tell them you are running for St. Stan's XC. They will also give you a 10-15% discount. No reason to spend more than $65 here though.

Hope to see everyone soon. I know some of you will be on vacation. Letme know by phone or email (215-694-5178 or Also, an email will be coming about the opportunity to purchase sweatshirts. Mike

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Update #2 Cross Country

Fri July 18 2008 @ 02:39 PM

Ok, I think that worked and sent everyone an email. You can hit the reply button to send the t-shirt size and it looks like it will send it back to my work email address, which is fine.

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Cross Country Update

Fri July 18 2008 @ 02:32 PM

Hi Folks!!! With this new website, I am trying this new blog page. Hopefully it works and sends you a message that I posted this BLOG. Wow, I feel so up with the times just saying that. Anyway, I would like to start my process of t-shirts for the kids so I need sizes from all of you. Typically they start at YM and go up to adult 3x. Please let me know through email at The Diocese has not had their coaches meeting yet, so I don't know the date of the first meet. My guess is that it will be Sept 13th. If that is the case, we will start practice on Tuesday Aug 26th but I will confirm mid-August. Send me the t-shirt sizes, get the kids running a little bit, and we'll see you soon!


P.S. So far we have 27 on the roster!!! That's a record!

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