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2009 XC Season First Note

Thu August 27 2009 @ 07:25 AM

Welcome to all the new faces. Last Sunday night I went to the first meeting for the 2009 CYO Cross Country Season I have a schedule and a headache! Our first meet will be September 13 and we will run every Sunday thereafter until the Championships on October 25. There is one exception, there is no meet scheduled for October 18 as that is the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk weekend. The meets are all held at Belmont Plateau in beautiful Fairmount Park, depending on your age you will run 2000, 3000 or 4000 meters. The meets start at 12:45 with a subnovice race (grades 1-3) and progress from there.
We will practice on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Willows. Practices start at 6:00, please be there and ready to start at 6. Practice will last about 1 hour. You should bring a water bottle (which you will NOT leave there). We will have our first official practice when I get back from Stone Harbor, which is Labor Day. In the meantime, I think you will benefit from starting a fitness regime....please try to run 4 times between now and September 8, try to run for at least 20 minutes of a consistent and comfortable pace. If you ran for me in the past, remember to do the stretches and exercises including the plank.

I will be checking email from the beach. This is the home email address: I also use my work email

Enjoy the rest of the summer.


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