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SKS Football - Directions to Saturday's Game (Fatima)

Fri September 11 2009 @ 09:13 AM

Saturday starts up our season with a Pre-Season game at Our Lady of Fatima. Game times are: 7th & 8th - 10:00 AM (players are to be at the field by 9:15 AM) 5th & 6th - 11:30 AM (players are to be at the field by 10:45 AM)

Directions to Our Lady of Fatima's Home Field (Darby Elementary School - school was just recently renamed, so if you try to Google it, it may come under Ashland Elementary School) - Take the Blue Route South (476) to the Springfield Mall Exit; - Turn Left on to Baltimore Pike and follow Baltimore Pike for approx. 2+ miles (you will cross over Route 420 after about the 1st mile); - At Bishop Ave, turn Right (there will be a Home Depot / Acme shopping center at this corner); Follow Bishop Avenue to Providence Road; - Turn Left onto Providence Avenue, and then the 1st Right onto Ashland Avenue; - Follow Ashland Avenue for approx. 1 mile to Bartram Avenue (school is on the corner); - Turn Left onto Bartram Ave, and field will be on your left.

Game Pants were distribued on Wednesday night. There may be a problem with sizes or your son may not have gotten a pair of game pants (we were short on Youth Medium, but had plenty of Adult Small and Medium - additional game pants have been ordered and will be in before next week's League Opening game). If your son did not receive game pants on Wednesday or they do not fit, they should wear their practice pants for this game.

Any questions, just let me know. Jim Pachioli Head Coach - St. Katharine of Siena Football Program

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