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Cross Country - Coed | St. Stanislaus CYO, Lansdale, Fall 2009 Season | St. Stanislaus CYO, Lansdale

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XC Update

Fri July 31 2009 @ 02:07 PM

Hi All! Giving another update here and some more info. Practice will beging Tuesday August 18th at 6pm at LC. We will practice for about an hour. We will warmup, stretch, do our main workout which may include running games on some nights, and then finish with some strength and flexibility routines as we cooldown. Make sure the kids bring at least 1 water bottle and dress lightly for hot days. Running shoes - each runner should have a pair of running shoes bought at either a specialty running store (North Wales Running Store or Born to Run - mention St. Stans and you get a discount) or at a sporting goods/department store but make sure you are in the RUNNING section. Soccer shoes/tennis shoes are not appropriate and the runner will get injured. If you have questions, ask me before buying. (215-694-5178). Please try to be on time. I know traffic around town is tough. I come from NE Philadelphia and will occasionally be late as well but please try to be there on time. Make sure you are there to pick up on time. I will not leave a kid standing there alone but be respectful of my time as well. Mike Gadaleta is another coach that helps me. So we have two Coach Mikes. He's the one who needs the haircut. Another running parent, Laura Robinson, will also be helping. The meets start September 13th and are every Sunday through October with the exception of October 4th where there is a conflict with the Park. The meets are run at Fairmount Park off Montgomery Drive of I-76. There are 4 age groups. Subnovices are K-3rd grade, Novices are born in 1999-2000, Minors 1997-98, and Cadets are 1995-96. Subs run 1.24 miles(2k), Novices and Minors run 1.86 miles (3k) but the minors course is tougher. The Cadets run 2.48 miles (4k). Each runner will get a number and results will be posted online except for the subnovices. I will be on vacation and miss the practices on August 25/27 and am on business Sept 1. Hopefully I don't have any other conflicts. I am very excited about this year! We have a lot young runners who have done very well in past years and from what I hear from parents, some new kids that are very excited to run. It should be a great season! Get out and go for a run!! See ya' soon! Mike

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