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Game yesterday

Fri September 11 2009 @ 03:44 PM

One more quick note regarding yesterday's game.

I was proud of all of the kids for the way they hustled and competed. Obviously we have some work to do, now we know what to work on in practice next week. A few players really stood out and I wanted to congratulate them - not taking away from the effort of every player on the team.

Gabriel - great hustle and defense Lucy - great hustle and tough play despite the fact that the players on the other team were much taller than you Dex and Maggie - great work in goal - it's hard to stop point blank shots every time. Emma - great hustle and defense Anna Marie - great hustle and ball control, especially considering that you had skated all afternoon Jacquelyn - Way to hang in there and keep playing even after an injury

Everybody else, let's keep up the hard work for tomorrow's game and the rest of the season and the results will improve! See you tomorrow

Coach Byrd

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