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Football Varsity 2009 | SS. Simon and Jude CYO, West Chester, Fall 2009 Season | SS. Simon and Jude CYO, West Chester

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Practice Schedule Change

Mon September 14 2009 @ 04:38 PM

As we prepare for our first regular season game (and try to dodge the weather and back to school night)this weeks practice schedule is as follows: Tues 5:45-7:45 : Wed 5:45-7:45 : Thurs 5:30- 6:45 : Fri 5:45- 7:15. We added a short session on thursday to review alot of the info that we will add this week in preparation for our home opener against St. Max. If it rains on thurs. we will try to move indoors to review, if not available we will cancel. Thanks,Rob.

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