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Track - Boys | SS. Simon and Jude CYO, West Chester, Spring 2009 Season | SS. Simon and Jude CYO, West Chester

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relay teams 3/29

Fri March 27 2009 @ 08:38 AM

Below are the relay teams for this weekends meet. They are not set in stone and will change. If you can't be in a relay and are listed I need to know asap so we can try to make changes. Please understand that this is difficult to do this at the last minute, not just for scheduling purposes but more importantly for the others in the planned relay team. We are not running all relays offered this week. The number next to the athletes name is the man-position they will have while running the race. Thank you for your patience. Get back to me via email or phone might be better. Shelley Steel

NOVICE 4X100 Boys: 1. Will Delaney 2. John Capista 3. Connor Bunce 4. J.T. Bobrowski

Girls: 1. Julia Pellitier 2. Kelly Mccarron 3. Grace Brown 4. Haley Freeth

4X200 Boys: not running

MINOR 4x100 Boys: 1. Colin McLaughlin 2. Tyler Dougherty 3. Andrew Benecke 4. Robert Bobrowski

Girls: 1. Shea McDonald 2. Kayleigh Schrader 3. Molly Mullen 4. Alli Malinchak

4x200 Boys: 1. Billy McCaughern 2. Eddie Kelly 3. Brenden Tatlow 4. John Gannon

Girls: not running

CADET 4x100 Boys: 1. Matt Mccarron 2. Chris Cary 3. Jacob Blank 4. Matt Rameriz

Girls: 1. Tammy Dinh 2. Molly Nelson 3. Kathleen Devaney 4. Sydney Boudin

4x200 Boys: not running Girls: 1. Tammy Dinh 2. Molly Nelson 3. Megan McGurk 4. Erica Minuch

There will be not 4x800 this weekend as we are trying to get people in the straight 800 and the 100 for times. Thank you. Think fast!

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