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Varsity 1 — Spring 2009

Tonight's Game is Postponed

Posted By: Jim Roynan

Published: Tue April 14 2009 @ 11:35 AM

Parents and Players,

Tonight's game is canceled due to the weather and the closure of the fields by Warminster township. I'll work with the opposing coach and try to come up with a new date. We can talk about availability at the next practice.

Our next practice is scheduled for Thursday night at Tennent. As always, if you are not going to make a game or practice, it is important that you let me know either by e-mail or phone call. Practices are planned for the expected number of players and unexpected absences disrupt those plans. We only have 12 players rostered, and any absences significantly affect our ability to have an effective practice or field an official team for games.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Coach Roynan