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Region Varsity Softball | Holy Trinity CYO, Morrisville, Spring 2009 Season | Holy Trinity CYO, Morrisville

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Sunday practice

Mon March 02 2009 @ 08:49 PM

Hi Everyone, I just got word that we have been given the time slot of 6pm on Sunday at South Field(the Island) Weather permitting we will have our first practice this coming Sunday. If you can't make it please let me know. Thanks, Sandy

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tentative practice schedule

Mon March 02 2009 @ 09:53 AM

Hi Everyone, As you can tell by all the snow on the ground, it's time for softball. We have been working on getting more field time, but for now our practice day will be Wednesday at Morrisville High School's field. We will start at 5 and go to around 6:15 to start. We also have some dates that we can use the HS gym. Those dates are March 16, 27 & 30. I will send out reminders and times etc for those dates. Our season starts April 1. We will play 8 regular season games and at least one play-off game(hopefully more!) Playoffs start on May 7. Games are played during the week with the possible exception of one of our home games being on a Sunday night at 6pm. If anyone knows when Trinity's 8th grade class trip is could you let me know. I will keep working on getting more field time and will let everyone know when we will have our first practice. Thanks, Sandy Stricker

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