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Girls JV B 2 Kane | St. Agnes CYO, West Chester, Winter 2008 - 2009 Season | St. Agnes CYO, West Chester

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Practice and ??QUESTIONS???

Sun January 25 2009 @ 08:36 PM

We will be practicing as usual on Monday (tomorrow evening) from 5-6pm in the old gym. On Friday, St Agnes School is having the annual variety show. If parents could tell us by email or tomorrow night how many girls are either participating or attending, we would appreciate it. The variety show participants need to be at school at 6 pm, so this would negate practice for them.

If we have too many girls committing to the variety show, we will have to cancel practice.

On another note, we are trying to schedule a few more games with some neighboring schools. We may have a game on February 7th, even though it is our "bye" week. We also may play a game in mid February, on a Friday, in lieu of practice.

Thanks for all your support!

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