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Thursdays Practice.. Again

Wed December 10 2008 @ 03:29 PM

Alright Guys, Heres the deal...

It was brought to my attention earlier that tommorow evening at the same time as our practice, the K-4th grade christmas show is also going on in the church, but they will be using the gym for preparations and what not. So, I am not certain how much if any of the gym we would be able to use.

With all that said, as if I havent arranged and re-arranged and confused everyone enough, we are going to CANCEL tommorows practice for good.

We will just have practice Friday from 6:30-8pm... hopefully that will be enough practice time for you guys to beat into my head that if you don't have any timeouts left it is not a good idea to call one!

Sorry for all of the emails and the confusion.

See you all on Friday night at 6:30.

Coach Jason

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