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Thu January 08 2009 @ 02:15 PM

Guys -

Two BIG games on sunday! The more important one in my mind is SKS Vs. ST Dennis!

I know the Eagles Giants game is played on sunday - here's the thing - I am a HUGE packers fan, and Im still a bit upset about our lack of existance in the playoffs, sooo our bball game is on.

Ok - well thats not the only reason the game will be played, couple reasons... I talked to the coach over at st. dennis and unfortunately for both of us gym time is at a premium. So we moved the game up to 12: 30 and hopefully everyone will be on the couch at home at 1:45.

Hopefully no one has a problem with this, but it will just make it that much better of a day with 2 Wins.

See you all at 12:15 on sunday.


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