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Intramural Basketball - Girls | St. Bede the Venerable CYO, Holland PA., Winter 2008 Season | St. Bede the Venerable CYO, Holland PA.

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Final Practice Day Saturday, 2/28

Thu February 26 2009 @ 10:39 AM

Saturday, 2/28 is the final practice day for intramurals. It is our end of season ceremony. All boys and all girls including kindergarten will practice at Bedes from 8am to 9:15/9:30am.

The morning is a very fun morning. Parents we encourage you to stay and watch. Your children will demonstrate the many basketball skills they have learned since the first week in December. Of course there will be some friendly competition among the boys vs. girls.

Pictures and a small token will be distributed to each child in the program. We try to get each grade together for a photo opt..parents bring your cameras.

It was our pleasure to coach and instruct your beautiful children. They are all great kids. They are true blessings to the St Bede CYO program. We believe your children have learned the fundamentals of basketball from which they will grow as players. We look forward to the following years when they will be playing basketball in our program.

Thank you. ST Bede CYO and Maria Morano

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