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Varsity B Girls | St. Agnes CYO, West Chester, Winter 2008 - 2009 Season | St. Agnes CYO, West Chester

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WCU Game

Mon November 24 2008 @ 01:35 PM

First of all, sorry about the e-mail assault. I had a technical error last night. I have heard from about half the team regarding sweats. I will assume that you are not interested unless I hear from you tonight. PLEASE REMENBER THAT TONIGHT'S PRACTICE IS 5-7 AT O'ROURKE'S BARN. On Saturday December 6th West Chester University will be playing Chestnut Hill College at Hollinger Fieldhouse at 4:00. I would like to practice at our regular time that day (2:00-3:30) and afterwards walk to WCU to see the game. After the game I would like to walk to a pizza place for dinner (Bennys?) where the girls can be picked up after. Thanks, Jim

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