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Still No Coach for High School Team

Tue November 18 2008 @ 01:53 PM

No response from anyone on my previous emails looking for a coach for the Varsity High School Boys team. Season starts in about two weeks. Schedule comes out next Tuesday. I spoke with Bill Scott and we both don't want the boys to not be able to play basketball so if none of you can coach the team we are willing to do our best to split the games up and coach to help the boys out. When one of us can't be there, we will ask for another coach to fill in.

This is definitely not the optimum solution as we really can't commit to having practices for the boys but at least they will be able to play games.

Below are the registered players as of today. the team could definitely need another couple of players to avoid forfeits but we will need them registered by next Tuesday. So if your sons have any friends who want to play (preferably ones with a mother or father who is willing to coach) have them go to wagdogs and register. Team will be capped at 12 players.

Matt Connor

Brian Basheda Sean P Bolger Vincent M Dellosa Matt Glynn Timothy R Greed Daniel Lamorte Michael Tantum Andrew Weiser

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