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Boy's 1st & 2nd Grade PeeWee — Winter 2008 - 2009

Coaches meeting Tonight 8:30 for 1st & 2nd Grade Boy's

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Published: Tue November 11 2008 @ 09:50 AM

Quick reminder about tonight's meeting at the gym for coaches of teh 1st and 2nd grade boys. Still need someone to coordinate this group. Promise it really doesn't take much. I have already done the schedule, we'll split up the kids tonight and should have enough coaches. What's left is to make sure anyone new who shows si placed on a team, that the games are "reffed" consistantly and that this person serves as the communication vehicle if something needs to be cancelled or the gym auditorium is left open. really not a big deal.

If you are going to coach and are around please try to get there tonight. metting shouldn't be longer than 30 minutes. If you can't make it and are planning to coach shoot me an email. Have several who signed up through the webiste but if you can confirm via an email today that would be great.