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2008 Volleyball Varsity C Team — Fall 2008

Welcome Varsity (WHITE)

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Published: Mon August 18 2008 @ 11:08 PM

Hey TEAM...... Welcome to the SCS Varsity WHITE Blog Site.... You can post any notes to anyone on our team, once that they are logged in. In addition to sending you e-mails this is a good forum for you (TEAM MEMBERS) to talk back and forth. (EXAMPLE: Coach Joe's jokes are really, really funny...NOT! Or talk about your favorite Drill (OLIVIA IN THE SUCICIDE PIT..-Nice Job Liv) etc...etc... etc... Have FUN on this site. It is yours to communicate with.

TUESDAYS Night Practice will be sort of like the first night since more of our team will be there. But I plan to make it short on the document review. We will be covering more passing, playing two-on-two; Overhead Passing (Setting); and Serving.

Strength Training: Wall Sits w/ VBall; Cone Drill; Quad Jumps.

Have Fun Team.

Coach Joe. GOAL: Positive to Perfection.....BELIEVE.