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Varsity Volleyball- 8th grade | Our Lady of Calvary CYO, Philadelphia, Fall 2008 Season | Our Lady of Calvary CYO, Philadelphia

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Playing Time Issue

Sun September 28 2008 @ 07:46 PM


After being confronted by a parent after today's game, I think Rick and I need to let you know what we're doing with the 8th grade team. First, we enjoy the girls. They're nice kids and are generally a pleasure to work with. So, any decision on playing time has absolutely nothing to do with whether we like your daughter or not. We've made it clear that playing time will be based on game circumstances and who is or isn't hustling and what gives our team the best chance to win. CYO sports are a competitive environment where one of the key objectives is to win. Rick and I made a decision early on not to just play for the win at all costs, but to try to find time for all the girls. Unfortunately, with 13 girls on the team, that's not always possible. In fact it's not realistic. So, we try to do our best. Every game, we look at the players and try to find the mix that will help the team achieve its goals. Each match there are girls who are disappointed with their playing time. And, that's good. We want players who want to be on the court. But this is not an in-house program where everybody is equal. This is just as competitive as basketball, softball or any other CYO program. We've made a specific point of telling the girls that playing time is earned.

Now, on to my personal pet peeve....if anybody thinks they can do a better job, step forward. Rick and I don't have a daughter on this team and are spending on average 3-5 hours per week away from our families to coach your daughters. This is in addition to the time we spend coaching our own kids. When it was obvious that we would have enough players to form two varsity teams, the first thing I did was to reach out to all the 8th grade parents to see if anyone wanted to volunteer to coach. As you can see, nobody did. So, for any parent to confront us and imply that we're against their daughter is insulting. So, I'll make the same statement...if anybody wants to coach the 8th grade team, step up. Don't get mad, get involved. We have practice Wednesday night at 5:30. Come out and take over. Trust me, you won't hurt our feelings.

I know the vast majority of you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about. And, please understand, this is not directed at you. Without your help, whether it's running the scoreboard, working the snack stand, being a line judge or helping put away the chairs after the match, we would not have a program. Rick and I really appreciate your help and support. It's just that being confronted by parents who don't get involved has to be addressed.


Neil Wachter and Rick Coppola

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