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Soccer Intramural | St. Bede the Venerable CYO, Holland PA., Fall 2008 Season | St. Bede the Venerable CYO, Holland PA.

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Intramural Soccer Update 9/10

Wed September 10 2008 @ 11:08 PM

To all,

Great turnout last night on short notice. Thanks to Dan Mallee for volunteering to coach the fourth team, This is a reminder that our next scheduled practice/game is Saturday morning 9/13/08 at 10:00. Try to arrive by 9:45. I am thinking that we will have the first graders play a game and the younger kids will have a practice. They probably need another practice or two before they are ready to start games. We will probably announce the teams by early next week. Team shirts should be available by that time. For this Saturday just have the kids wear a white shirt.

Speaking of practices, from some preliminary feedback I have received I am proposing the following for our practice schedule. Since we are only meeting one evening a week and it appears that someone has a conflict on every night I plan to alternate our practice night between Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. In addition there is a clear preference to practice earlier so our practices will be from 6:00 - 7:30. If this is still too late feel free to pick up your child early if you need to. So based on this our next weekday practice will be Wednesday 9/17 at 6:00.

Two comments about parents who plan to stay for practices - first we could use a an unofficial bathroom warden at each practice. The port-a-potties are pretty close to the field but it's easy for a coach to get distracted while coaching and not realize if a child has come back from the bathroom. So if you are staying for practice and don't mind making sure the kids return from the bathroom let me know that evening. In addition even with 7 coaches it is hard to keep the children occupied. We will try to organize the practices so that we are keeping as many kids as possible at the same time but this is pretty difficult with kids at this age. So if you are staying for practice and don't mind getting involved come see if we can use you to help run a drill.

Any questions let me know. See you Saturday.


Cell Phone # 609 685-4092

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