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The success of our programs depend on coaches who dedicate their time and talents to our children. It is not necessary for you to have a child participating in our program to become a coach. We welcome all interested parishioners. Thank you to all of our current coaches for all of their hard work and dedication.

If you are interested in becoming a coach or an assistant coach, the following are the requirements necessary to complete in order to be eligible:

  1. Complete the coaches application (see below uploaded file). Forward completed copy to St. Kevin Athletic Director.
  2. Complete the criminal history background check form (see below uploaded file). Forward completed form to St. Kevin Athletic Director.
  3. Complete the child welfare abuse screening form (see below uploaded file). Forward completed form to St. Kevin Athletic Director. Note the results of the child welfare will be mailed to your home. Upon receipt, please forward to the St. Kevin Athletic Director.
  4. Attend Safe Environment/Protecting God's Children Session - information on available classes can be obtained online - or click the link on the Archdioceses of Philadelphia's main wagdogs page. This is a 2 hour workshop. A "white copy" certification will be provided to you after completing the workshop. This needs to be kept on file at the parish. Please forward this to the St. Kevin Athletic Director.
  5. Complete Coaches Orientation/Certification - attend in-person orientation (see monthly schedule on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's main wagdogs page). Sessions are typically held one Saturday per month rotating throughout the counties (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery & Philadelphia). If a session is not available prior to the start of the season, an online program is available ( ). If taking the online training, you must still attend the in-person orientation at some point before your second year of coaching. (see attached uploaded file)

Criminal and child welfare background checks, if you work in a field that requires these checks and have had them done within the last year, you may submit copies instead of repeating the checks. Provide copies to the St. Kevin Athletic Director.

2008-2009 Athletic Director is Nicole Thompson. Please mail all forms directly to her - 27 Pearson Circle, Springfield, PA 19064


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