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SS. Simon and Jude CYO, West Chester


S.S Simon & Jude 2009 Track & Field Season

Welcome athletes, SSJ families, and new members. With every new season the SSJ Track & Field Team has grown in numbers and in spirit and we are so excited to begin practice. Due to the size of our team we have decided to create a weekly schedule to better help our many athletes train and prepare for competition. There are so many events happening simultaneously that a schedule will allow everyone time to try, learn, and develop their individual skills while giving our coaches the maximum amount of time to work with everyone. We will adhere to this schedule for the season practicing at the Westtown School Tuesday-Thursday from 5:45-7:00 pm. The PeeWee team will only practice on Wednesday evenings.

Practice for the week of 3/10-12: 3/10 only Grades 4- 6th (novice/minors) - Parking Lot of Westtown School -general meeting and light practice 3/11 only Grades half 7-8 (minor cadets) - Parking Lot Westtown School -general meeting PeeWee’s Westtown School Track-practice

3/12 grades 4-8 Westtown School Track-practice Practice for week of 3/17: 3/17-18 -100M time trials for all athletes

It is important that everyone arrive on time ready to have fun and participate Typical Practice Breakdown: NO SPIKES FOR PRACTICES AT WESTTOWN!!! 5:45-6:00 Cardio warm-up with 400 slow run 6:00-6:40 Field events Distance and sprint training Practice relay teams

6:40-7:00 20 minute cool down with isometric stretching and strength conditioning

Weekly Schedule: (events practiced only on given days) begins week of 3/24

Tues. Wed. Thurs. Relay Team practice Relay Team Practice 4x100, 4x 200 4x100, 4x 200 *mandatory practice in order to participate on a relay team. High Jump High Jump Long/Triple Jump Long/Triple Jump

Concentrated sprint running--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Concentrated mid-long distance running-------------------------------------------------------------------

                    Shot Put---------------------------------------------------------

Relay practice 4x800 *mandatory practice in order To participate on a relay team

To avoid confusion and to hopefully answer and clarify any questions you may have please take note of the following information and guidelines for SSJ Track & Field:

Age Divisions Novice Born in 1998 or 1999 4 thru half of 5th grade Minor Born in 1996 or 1997 the other half of 5th gr., 6th gr. and half of 7th grade Cadet Born in 1994 or 1995 the other half of 7th gr. And 8th grade *A boy or girl may move up one age group for meet competition, but must remain in that group for the entire meet.

New this year for all our track athletes will be a minimum of 2 events per meet whether field event or running. As for the Relays Teams it is mandatory that athletes make it to all Tuesday practices in order to secure their spot on one of our relay teams. RELAY TEAMS FOR EACH WEEKS MEET WILL BE POSTED VIA EMAIL BY THURSDAY AT THE END OF PRACTICE. Your cooperation is need in order for the coaches to practice with our relay teams so that the groups are ready for completion. Relay teams are all about hand offs, speed, and being a team player that works within the group. The stronger and more practiced the group the more competitive they will be. It is too difficult to be constantly interchanging. Perfect practice makes perfect!

Official Events Field Events 100M Dash Long Jump 200M Dash Shot Put 400M Dash High Jump 800M run Triple Jump (Cadets only) 1600M run 4x100M relay 4x200M relay 4x800M open relay Participation Limits Novice & Minors-each athlete is limited to three events per meet Cadets-each athlete is limited to four events per meet The total distance for any participant may not exceed 2800M Spikes no longer than ¼ inch, will be permitted on all weather tracks for meets.


Sunday practice meets will start at 1:00pm sharp and we usually meet for warm-ups and giving out of labels by 12:30pm unless we are the hosting team we will meet a little earlier.

The AOP Champs meet on Saturday, 5/30 will start by 8:30am.

Sunday, March 29 Place TBD – Practice Meet #1 Sunday, April 5 Place TBD – Practice Meet #2 Sunday, April 12 EASTER SUNDAY – NO MEET Sunday, April 19 Place TBD – Practice Meet #3 Sunday, April 26 Place TBD – Practice Meet #4 Sunday, May 3 Place TBD – REGION 17 CHAMPS
(Information on Regional Meet – we can only take the top 3 in each individual event per age group to the regional meet and one relay team per relay events per age group. We will be basing this on the times that the children have from the 4 practice meets leading up to the regional meet. At the Regional Meet the top 6 in individual events and top 4 in relays events will move on to the Area E Meet.

Sunday, May 17 AREA 17 CHAMPS @ Plymouth - Whitemarsh (Information on Area Meet – the same as the regional meet where the top 6 individual events and top 4 relay teams will move on to the Archdiocesan Meet)

SATURDAY, May 30 Archdiocesan Of Philadelphia CHAMPS @ Franklin Field

The Penn Relays

If you have participated in SSJ track before you know what a privilege it is to compete at the Penn Relays. Without a doubt you will see some of the fastest runners and best track and field athletes in the world. For those who are new or may have questions hopefully this will clarify things.

Age Divisions (these are different from our CYO standards) Junior Division- Born 1997-1999 (grade 4 and up) Senior Division- Born 1994-1996, or on or after Sept. 1, 1993

Meet Dates Tues. 4/21 Prelims start time promptly at 6pm
We generally meet in the school parking lot, have a blessing from Monsignor and then caravan down to Franklin Field. Bring healthy snacks, water, and all equipment.

Fri. 4/24 Finals start time 8 am (these are the top 8 teams in each race and age division) We will have a better idea as to the order of events which will help you plan accordingly. We generally meet at a pre determined place in the stands at 8 am. This is a long day as all athletes, not just CYO participate (CYO, middle school, High School, and college). Bring all your gear, snacks, proper clothing.

In short, the Penn Relays are truly an awesome experience and we look forward to attending them each year with a new group of SSJ super sprinters.

Up Coming Opportunities: Villanova University offers a Track & Field Camp every year that is fabulous. Many of our athletes have attended and have learned, made new friends and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Please see the attached handout for information. If we get at least 5 athletes to attend this July 6-9 we are eligible for a team discount. Let’s try!

Don’t forget to participate in the SSJ Challenge. It is great for our Parish to see all those fast moving maroon and gold singlet’s on the course. Great food, fun, and trophies!

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