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Wagdogs New Functionality - Coming April 8, 2017

New, streamlined registration process

The registration process has been redesigned to allow for faster processing and easier payments. There are two new features that will make the registration process more efficient:

Family Members Section

From the Profile link, you can access new functionality to capture your registrant’s information to help speed along the registration process. Recurring details such as name, address, birth date, etc., are all captured in this section. When you register one of your family members, that information is transferred to the registration process. You will no longer have to re-enter that information throughout the year. One important note: Please make sure that you update the grade and uniform sizes for each of your family members each year or as appropriate.

All of the information from previous registrations has been created for you in this new section. Please make sure to review the information before beginning the registration process.

Click on the gray bar containing the family member’s name to expand/collapse the editing window and update any information that is not correct.

Register multiple family members, pay once

The new registration process allows you to register multiple family members for multiple sports, complete all of the necessary forms, and pay once for all fees.

After you select an organization with which to register, you’ll be presented with a screen showing all of the registration options for each family member. Simply check the boxes for the child(ren) and activity(ies) for which you would like to register. Then click the Next button. On each subsequent page, you'll be asked to complete the appropriat information for each child. Make sure to click the Next button to navigate to the next section. At the end of the process, you'll be presented with a summary of your registration(s), and you can complete the payment with one transaction.