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Registration Instructions

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If you are not already a Wagdogs member:

  1. Click on Become a Member.
  2. Fill out the membership screen (Remember your password!).
  3. Check your email for instructions on how to activate your Wagdogs account. If you don't see your account activation email in your inbox, it is most likely in your spam folder.
  4. After you find your activation email, either click on the link, or copy and paste the link into your browser and press Enter, and your account will be activated.

If you're already a Wagdogs member:

  1. Click Login and enter your email address and password, then click the Login button. It should then read "My Wagdogs for (your name)."
  2. Select "Register for a league" on the left.
  3. Choose your CYO from the list.
  4. Choose the Parish and sport from the lists. (If you don't see the sport you are looking for, the CYO does not offer it or has yet opened registration). Click "Next".
  5. Fill out your child's information. Click "Next".
  6. Fill out any pertinent information under the parent participation screen. Click "Next".
  7. Read through the medical fields and answer accordingly. Checking a box indicates you consent to the release, leaving it blank means you do not give consent. Click "Next".
  8. Read the "image release" page and supply your answer. Click "Next".
  9. Read the Code of Conduct page and supply your answer. Click "Next".
  10. When you get to the "Finish" screen, check your information to make sure it is accurate. You can go back and edit any information by clicking the "edit" link next to the header. Then choose your payment option.
  11. If you pay online, complete information on the payment screen and click Submit. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail of your payment.
  12. If you pay offline, you will be e-mailed a registration form which you must print out and send to the appropriate address with a check for the amount of the registration fee.

You are done!

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