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Referee/Official Evaluation Form


Game Official – Evaluation Form

Official’s Name:                                                            Evaluator’s Name:                                                           
Date & Time of Evaluation: Site of Game:
Home Team: Visiting Team:
Age Group: Gender:

Excellent Good Needs Improvement Poor Not Applicable
1. Properly dressed & groomed: Was the official dressed appropriately and in uniform? Did the official have their shirt tucked in? Was the official properly groomed?
2. Pre-game: Consider the contest starting in an expedient manner, including a meeting prior to start time with coaches/players.
3. Player safety: Did the official check player and facility equipment? Did the official ensure that excessive use of force was not used during play?
4. Knowledge of rules: Did the official call the game correctly according to the rules/laws of the game? Did he/she appear to know what to do?
5. Application of Rules: Were rules applied reasonably? Did the official make calls appropriately? Was he/she too strict, too loose?
6. Accuracy: Where the official’s calls reasonable? Did the official demonstrate good judgment?
7. Mechanics/signals: Did the official have effective use of whistle & signals? Was the official at the proper angle to see the play as it happened? Should he have moved out of the way to see the play at a different angle? Did the

official “sell” calls?

8. Fairness: Did the official call the contest “both ways” and seem unbiased from one team over another?
9. Hustle: Did the official make every effort to be in the best position? Did he/she sprint when necessary?
10. Teamwork with other officials: Did the official interact with other officials? Did the officiating crew as a whole seem to be consistent in their calls?
11. Conflict: Did the official handle confrontation, conflict or unusual circumstances in an appropriate manner?
12. Communication: Did the official interact appropriately with players, coaches and others involved in the contest? Was the non-verbal communication of

the official suitable?

13. Attitude: Did the official seem to want to be there? Was the official respectful to both teams?

Poor Not